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    When you first start to learn palmistry your mind may first  perceive it as  a curious tempting jungle riddled with tempting clues crossed with a spectrum of views from critical to philosophical. Let us remind ourselves that the human race though antiquity has a trait of  passing down knowledge and the essence of mindsets  to the next generations through use of spoken words and early evidential  contributions as early as 2500 years BC  … It had a system of use even in those times, so one can only assume the roots of palmistry must stretch deeper into the past then we realize.

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    So before you get bored or frustrated with it too quickly,just remember how many generations its taken to get here! …. so persevere, we are just seeing the tips of the time iceberg of knowledge melting over thousands of years,(er Yeah ;-/)  and  most of the hard work is already done !! You just need to rediscover it for yourself !!.   right…… where was I ?  What hand ? ..  Oh yes,….

    When reading your palm always read your ‘Writing hand’  , as this shows your current state and trends …. Where as you read the passive hand(non Writing)  as a basic blue print of how you started out .. by comparing the lines on your writing hand against that of your passive hand you can see if you are using all your blueprint skills or even if you are surpassing yourself and developing new skills and patterns in your life .. or trait improvement. This can be seen by changes on the lines between the hands or even fleshiness of the different areas of the palms called Mounts or Zones.

    One example of this is to look at your head line.

    1)If your writing hand shows a longer head line than your passive hand this may suggest that you have improved your powers of concentration .

    2)If the end of your  head line on your writing hand (Active)  ends higher or lower than that of your passive hand it may show that you are either more creative thinking if it drops down or lower then the passive hand, or more business’y and into communications if the head line is higher.

    3)Further more .. if the end of your head line on your passive hand drops down lower, and the head line on your writing hand is straighter it may suggest someone has not used their creative instincts to the full,

    4)The presence of an ‘Apollo Line’  (Video Due Soon) can suggest success in the arts or personal abilities , The Apollo line runs to the ring finger next to the Fate line which runs to the middle finger , The Apollo  line is less often seen. More commonly the Apollo line just appears between  the heart line upto the base of the ring finger,  this magnetism appears later in life and can suggest happy company. etc


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