What is Meditation?

Meditation is not merely an art but it is a technique of attending peace of mind by concentrating on our self internally. Discovering the meaning of Meditation is similar to discovering our inner energy and potential. Meditation can also be referred as a gateway through which we reach in the world of freedom. There are several techniques and methods which help us in our internal development, but Meditation is very peculiar in the sense that it aims towards attending freedom of our inner self through the process of enlightenment.


Meditation could also be defined as the art of recognizing what you are beyond your mind and your body. Beyond thinking, there is a sense that you exist. Not existing as a name or person, but as the simple experience of being without definition or description. Hence Meditation helps us to discover our inner potential and our sense of spirituality. And this art of discovering our inner self is experienced as unconditional peace, bliss and love. It means that when we are immersed in our natural state of being, bliss is naturally there, radiating love and peace on its own accord, in the same way the nature of the sun is to shine.

Meditation: Its different types

Meditation has many benefits for our mind, body and soul. Using Meditation informally throughout the day will help you in attending rest of mind and the trials of life can be navigated in a subtle manner. Meditation helps us in opening our conscious mind to our subconscious mind. Some people believe that the practice of Meditation allows them to feel strongly connected to the world around them but others experienced it as an art of attending transcendence and clarity of the mind.

Meditation: Discover its Significances:

Spirituality and materialism coexist. It is the mind and attitude which decide which attracts more, and to what extent. Meditation thus helps in establishing a deep connection with the people around us with the sense of spirituality. Tapping in to the collective unconscious and discovering our inner self are part of meditation. It does not matter, what we look like, how rich or poor we are, where we live or what our core beliefs are, but the truth lies in the fact that we all are connected. Meditation brings about a collective experience as it brings us closer to those whom we think are outrageously different from us.

Stress is a word which we commonly hear in today’s society. It seems that almost everyone is stressed. In our anxiety driven world, we often expect the worst and hence, we limit our potential to perform any task. Meditation can help us to confront our fears in a positive manner so that we can send rays of positive energy in this world. It is obvious that we will not fix all the world’s issues with meditation, yet positive thinking can bring about positive change in our society. Even if the change seems small and insignificant, it probably has a ripple effect throughout the collective unconscious. Meditation gives us strength of mind, calm serenity and relaxing moments. With the help of this majestic art, we can face challenges head on, such as illness, loss of a job, death in the family or even environmental disasters such as war or violent acts of nature with a different lightness. Meditation can distract us from the negative and uplift us towards the positive in life.