• Face Reading Techniques

    Face proportions

    If you divide your face to three horizontal parts, you will find that one of the parts is relatively larger than the other two parts. This dominant part can tell some information about your personality and thinking style. The three parts are:

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    1) Upper part (Starting from the face up until the eyebrows).

    2) Middle part (Starting from the eyebrows till the end of the nose).

    3) Lower part (Starting from the nose tip till the chin)

    How to read the face proportions?

    As I mentioned before, a wide forehead indicates intelligence and a mental approach towards problem solving. Thus, people with dominant upper parts will be more interested in facts and logical thinking than others. You can call people like that thinkers and deal with him on the basis of information and facts. Some people mistakenly think that a small upper area may be an indication of low intelligence but this is completely untrue. A wide forehead shows that the person is intelligent but a small forehead doesn’t mean that he is not.

    People with dominant middle parts are ambitious. They strive to be better and to improve the way their life is. Such people may sacrifice lots of things for the sake of reaching their ambition or making their dreams come true.

    People with dominant lower parts may enjoy taking physical risks. You may find people from this category to be boxers or wrestlers. These people are practical and like to see how your ideas can fit in the real physical world rather than just hearing them.
    Final words

    Don’t limit your abilities or build false beliefs about them just because you have learned something about yourself from face reading. The desire to change and the beliefs you have are much more powerful than the effect of your facial features.

    Face Shape and Profile

    • Broad face:
      Having a broad face means that the height and width of the face are very close to each other in length. A person with a broad face is confident by nature, unless he has lost his self confidence somewhere through his life. When we say confident by nature, we mean that he’s usually secure and confident about doing things for the first time; he’s fine with new experiences. This person has got good influencing abilities; he usually has a relativity larger distance between his two eyes (high tolerance) because of his broad face. This person may not be interested in small details but would be rather interested in the bigger view or the full picture. For example, when telling him about a car accident, don’t bother telling him about the car colors because he wouldn’t be interested, he may not be even interested in the car types. From that, we conclude that someone like that would make a good manager; that’s why you would notice how most managers are broad faced.
    • Thin face:
      The thin face is easily noticed because it appears to be longer than normal faces. People with thin faces have faces that are higher in length than its width. A thin faced person is confident by experience and not by nature, that means that when trying something new, he may feel afraid or anxious. If he has a small eye distance too, then he may be interested in small details. The main challenge concerning thin faced people is fear; fear is a very big part of their lives and this may make them stick to a certain comfort zone and curb their adventurous side.
      Round face: People with round faces are friendly by nature; they like social gathering and provide nice company. When intending to ask for help, head for the round faced because they may be friendlier than other people around.

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