When Poonam was very young, she began experiencing a deep intuitive sensitivity towards other people, as well as animals. She has always relied on that sensitivity to guide her in her own life experiences. Along the way, she began studying natal astrology and master in all the major branches of astrology likeParashari, Jaimini, Tajik, Western, Krishnamurthi, Nadi Lal Kitab, Electional Astrology, Medical Astrology, Numerology and tarot with vastu and found all these systems wonderful. Poonam Sainani is one of the best astrologer of Horary in World.She has the best knowledge of Tantra also.

Poonam Sainani the Director of many companies including Parashar Astro Pvt. Ltd, is a very famous name in India.Poonam Sainani isalso the President of APS Foundation and the Managing Director in APS Online Beauty Pageants Pvt. Ltd. After completing her graduation she get a degree in Law and HR from Mumbai, Poonam Sainani has diverse experience in the fields of accounting, audit, mergers and acquisitions, valuations, negotiations, forensics and other management advisory fields. Her broad range of experience includes corporate banking, restructuring, mergers and acquisition advisory services, financial advisory assignments, asset securitization, capital markets, working capital funding, syndication and structured debt financing, trade finance, capital markets and credit risk management. Poonam also running a fashion house in Mumbai.

The idea of creating this web site and its name were conceived one sunny, breezy afternoon over cups of steaming coffee. The Sun was in Aries, which is generally considered a good time for starting anything new. Poonam’s goal is to maintain a site for anyone interested in Astrology, whether that interest is a casual or compelling one.

Poonam Sainani is a renowned 21st century astrologer with modern approach to astrology. An experienced Astrologer she teaches astrology and also writes a lot on this subject. Poonam Sainani’s the 15 plus years that Poonam has been practicing as a Prosperity Consultant, business astrology, economic astrology and other esoteric studies, she has conducted over more than 100 thousands consultations.

Her clients are not only limited to his local Indian market but include celebrities, political and diplomatic figures, media and corporate identities from all walks of life in countries as far and wide as UK, Sweden, Australia, India, United States and many more countries.

POONAM SAINANI’S intuitive and technical expertise center very much on answers to your immediate and specific questions and his advice and forecasts are of a most practical nature. Because of this, corporations and executives highly regard his no nonsense approach a careful blend of pragmatism and spiritual insight.

Poonam Sainani has a very unusual astrological profile when combining Vedic, K P, Red Book, Naadi, Western, Chinese, Celtic (Druid) Astrology, Birthday Divination, Colorology and Numerology. You'll find all the matching astrological zodiac signs and symbols below in this all-in-one spiritual profile.

Jyotisha (or Jyotishyam from Sanskrit jyotiṣa, from jyótis- "light, heavenly body) is the traditional Vedic Hindu system of astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology, and more recently Vedic astrology. Hindu astrology includes several nuanced sub-systems of interpretation and prediction with elements and Poonam Sainani is a well known astrologer of Vedic Hindu astrology.

Poonam’s Style

Poonam is a very spiritual person, serving as an intuitive astrologer and counselor. She utilizes her gift of clairvoyance in her readings, while also being guided by astrology, vastu and tarot. She seeks to provide others with a higher understanding of their situation and help them to find their greatest path.

Poonam’s Specialties

Poonam is well studied in vastu, tarot and astrology, and incorporates these tools in her readings to help her focus on your key issues and possible solutions. She particularly enjoys helping others by providing insight into matters of love, relationships, career and life.

Poonam’s Financial Consultancy

The use of astrology in financial markets is not consistent with standard economic or financial theory, but might be considered heterodox economics. The practice has been used in various formats since 463BC. Financial astrology is the branch of astrology used to forecast time cycles, short term and longer term, in stocks or commodities, and in the economy. Poonam’s Stock market astrology and commodity market astrology is used to inform you when important trend changes are likely to occur in stocks or commodities as well as the corresponding price levels. Poonam has the very best high probability trading strategy and approach to get a trading and timing edge compared to using only fundamental or technical analysis.

Poonam’s financial astrology (also known as business astrology, economic astrology, and/or astro-economics) is the practice of relating the movements of celestial bodies to events in financial markets.

Poonam Sainani is known for making several accurate predictions such as Gold, Silver, Dow Jones and Nifty touching high or low, spread of Swine Flu, Death ofJaylalita, and election of USA and Trump win etc.

In Her Words

“I live my life progressing for nothing else but the best. I am one with nature, animals, and starlit skies. I go for long walks in all types of weather, as this brings me closer to the universe. It provides a peaceful way of mediation and my wolf guides are always by my side."
The rest is history. For over 16 years, I have stood on the bridge between heaven and Earth. In my lifetime, I hope to see astrology elevated out of the domain of fortune telling and into its true purpose. Repeatedly, I have seen astrology transform the inevitable blows of life. This knowledge develops equanimity, patience and appreciation for cycles. Through awareness we transform character, and thus our life circumstances. Through awareness we activate free will, softening our astrological blueprint. Conscious participation elevates and heals. What a blessing it is to be living my heart's desire as I encourage people to discover and rejoice in the mystery of their unique life expression.
For any queries also can contact on poonamsainani@hotmail.com and 0091-67777-11111 WhatsApp 0091-99671-888-88