When you are a insecure person you don’t make easy decisions and the opportunity to seek the help of someone who can predict the future may seem tempting.


The way many people establish a connection with God is through the priests and the church and connection with their future and destiny is through the clairvoyants.


Many times the real problems are hidden beyond what is obvious. If you believe you always have a bad luck you tend to blame your destiny more than it deserves.


If someone is giving people straight answer/advice for something, even if it’s not backed up at all, they tend to listen to it because it’s a lot easier to consume.

The Future Belongs To The Curious

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They Know It Is An Illusion, But The Fear Of Illusion Is Real

Thanks Joy. Things that you predicted were totally unforeseen. I was comfortable in a secure job but a forced redundancy pushed me into a new career path and confirmed your prediction!

Emma Hillary

Thank you Joy for the several readings, I have found your accuracy to be uncanny and it has given me an insight into many important decisions that I had been putting off.

Celina Prankt

Joy, you told me I would reunite with a close friend that I hadnt seen for a very long time and soon after, it happened just as you said. Even better, you were right about meeting a new flame.

Joe Crapht